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Info for Parents

What is Salt & Light Retreat?

Salt and Light retreat is a 2-night, three-day weekend retreat, which invites youth ages 9-17 to draw away from the busyness of school, extracurricular activities and family life, and remove the distractions of social media and television so that they can focus more on their relationship with the Lord.

The theme for Salt & Light retreat is "Living as Salt and Light in A Godless World" and it is based on Matthew 5:13-15. 
Our motto is "to know Christ and to make Him known" and over the course of this retreat, we will see students grow in deeper knowledge of Jesus to become effective witnesses of Christ in every area of their lives.

Who is organizing the retreat?
Salt and Light is organized by the Interschool/Intervarsity Christian Fellowship of the Cayman Islands (ISIVCF). We are a non-profit, interdenominational organization whose vision is to see students encountering God, being transformed by the gospel, and impacting others out of their experience. We aspire to see students raised up as strong Christian witnesses in their homes, campuses, churches, and communities.


Our aim is to create a safe, fun space for your child.  Our retreat leadership comprises an intergenerational team of adult professionals and students who are passionate about student ministry and want to be used by God in His work in the Cayman Islands.  The ISIVCF team includes teachers, students, missionaries, pastors, guidance counselors, certified psychologists, lecturers, business owners, and medical professionals, to name a few.  As we planned this retreat, each aspect has been prayerfully soaked in prayer.

What will my child do while on retreat?
When your child comes to retreat they will unplug from technology and plug into all sorts of fun and formative activities! They will make new friends, learn more about Jesus and discover their identity as salt and light. Your child will focus on praying individually and with other students, worshipping together with other youth their age, and have moments reflect on their lives and what it means for them to be salt and light. A devotional journal will be provided to enhance each students' spiritual reflection and formation during the retreat. They'll also have fun during team building and games. Click here to view Sample Schedule.

Will my child be safe?

Absolutely! The safety and security of all students, staff and volunteers is paramount to us. All of our volunteers will undergo a safety and security session prior to the retreat. Only persons vetted by ISIVCF will be allowed to volunteer for the retreat.  We will maintain constant vhf radio communication with retreat leaders and counselors on campus in case of an emergency. During free and quiet time, retreat staff will rotate throughout the campsite to ensure the safety and monitor the location of each student.  Additionally, no unregistered / outside visitors are allowed on property to visit any student, and no student is allowed to leave the property without prior written and verbal consent from the primary parent/guardian on file. 

Additionally, parents will be immediately notified if: it is determined by retreat staff that any student should see a physician, if the student has been sick or the student's temperature exceeds 101 degrees, experiences vomiting or diarrhea, repeatedly notifies any retreat staff about an injury, illness or complaint, or whenever our retreat staff feels that parental notification, advice or consent is necessary.

What will my child eat at retreat?

Our Hospitality Coordinator has crafted a meal plan inclusive of hot home-cooked meals and snacks that all kids enjoy.  Meals will be lovingly prepared by the cooks and the kitchen assistants. The highest hygienic practices will be in place. The menu has been reviewed to ensure that students receive adequate nutrition, and meals for any student with dietary restrictions is carefully prepared.

ALLERGIES! Students with special dietary needs should contact Moni at 929-5111 to discuss special accommodations. In order to keep all of our students safe, we will maintain a nut-free environment – and we need your help! If your children will be bringing any personal snacks, please refrain from candy or snack items with nuts or peanut butter. This will help us be as safe as possible for everyone.

See Sample Menu.


What can my child expect?

  • This retreat is more than just about giving you a break from your child, or offering a holiday weekend of busyness for your child. Students will experience:

  • Stillness and Fun: The weekend is filled with fun, games, and camaraderie, as well as times of solitude, prayer, and Bible study.

  • Discipleship:  Through small groups, worship around the campfire, weekend peer prayer partners, journaling and Bible study, your child will be immersed into spiritual formation.

  • Outdoor Activities:  There are also some outdoor aspects of the retreat. Students will play and compete on teams in an obstacle course, Bible scavenger hunt and other meaningful field games. They'll enjoy morning devotion on the beach and have opportunities for quiet contemplation while beholding God's creation.

  • Leadership opportunities:  Your child will learn servant leadership by serving their fellow dorm and retreat mates, cleaning up after meals and engaging in team-building activities. They will be responsible for everything from waking up on time, making their own beds and keeping track of their own socks, to organizing a game of Capture the Flag. They will lead small group discussions and Bible studies and pray with and for their friends, families, schools, and communities. They will also witness the Christ-like care and attention of our retreat leaders. Send your child to retreat and see them grow!

  • Tech-Free:  Students will experience a tech-free environment, free of the distractions of social media and tv. They will participate in face-to-face interactions and contemplative time alone to teach them how easy and beneficial it is to be present in every moment, quiet themselves and to live more simply.

  • Spiritual Growth: Your child will experience Jesus in a fresh, new way through every prayerfully-planned moment. There will be moments when your child studies the Bible or learns a new worship song, or raises his/her hands for the first time in worship. Your child will walk away with a deeper appreciation for reading the Bible daily and for quiet times just as Jesus did. These moments matter! Send your child to retreat and give your child the opportunity to experience Jesus in new ways!

What will a typical day look like for my child?

See Sample Schedule


What should my child bring to retreat? Is there a packing list?

We have provided a recommended packing lists for the retreat.  Should your child forget to bring something, we will inform you as needed.

Where will students sleep during the retreat?

Students will sleep in dorms in bunk beds with a maximum twelve students plus two counselors per dormitory.  For more information regarding the facility, please click here.

My child will not be staying overnight, will they miss out?

While we provide an optional daytime registration, we want to encourage parents to allow their child to overnight. Doing so will provide your child with an opportunity to build meaningful friendships centered on Christ, but also to experience the full retreat experience.

When does check-in start and when do I pick my child up?

Check-in begins at 3:00pm on Friday May 14th. Parents are invited to visit the campsite and stay for the orientation dinner after checking in. 

The retreat ends on Sunday at 1:00pm with a special lunch with parents/guardians. The lunch will be served by the students. During this time, parents and guardians will hear testimonies from students and counselors.

**NOTE! We are not able to release students to any adult that has not been designated as a “pickup person” on the student's registration form.  If your pickup plans should change and the person picking your child up has not been previously designated, you must contact our staff worker as soon as possible at 929-5111.

I am concerned about the welfare of my child, what will supervision look like during  the retreat?

Students will be grouped 3-5 students to 1 staff counselor. These groups encourage formation strong, Christ-centered relationships, as well as provide close supervision and security for all students. Counselors will maintain accountability for your child for the entire retreat.


Additionally, students will sleep two to one bunk bed (upper bunk and bottom bunk), with staff supervision in an adjacent bunk. There is also an adjacent counselor room before the dormitory exit.

What if I need to cancel for some reason?

If you must cancel, the parent or guardian who registered the child must call or email us as soon as possible. Note the $25 non-refundable registration fee.

Is financial assistance available for my child?

It is our prayer that finances never prevent a student from participating in any of our events; especially what could be one of the most spiritually formative experiences in a teenager's life. If financial assistance is required, we encourage students to speak to your church for support. Most churches are happy to support their youth for positive and spiritually building initiatives. Secondly, please complete the Sponsorship Form and submit it along with your child’s registration form.

How do I register my child?

There are two ways to register - online or in person. To register, click here.

Have a question?

If your question or concern is not addressed above, please call Moni, ISIVCF Staff Worker/Retreat Coordinator,  at 929-5111 or email your question to and we will be happy to answer your questions. Thanks!

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