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About Us

To see students and faculty transformed,
the campus renewed,
and world changers developed.

Inter-School and Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, also known as IS/IVCF, in the Cayman Islands, is a certified affiliate of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES). 



To be part of an IS/IVCF chapter is to be part a national, regional, and global family.


In the Caribbean alone, there are 17 national movements, and around the world there is a representative national movement in over 160 different countries, serving over 500,000 students. This global body is called the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students.


IFES was founded in 1947 after ten international student movements formed the initial global movement. Their goal was to "see a clear witness to Jesus Christ established in every university in the world".  Now comprising of 170 countries worldwide, the mission remains the same.  IFES seeks to equip students in effective witness: to encourage them to initiate spiritual conversations, to hold evangelistic Bible studies and mission events, and to live lives of grace that point others to Jesus.










Pictured above: The new student movements affiliate to IFES at World Assembly 2019 in South Africa
Tomy Wilkerson, Brianna Wilkerson, and Dr. Allan Young of IS/IVCF Cayman Islands
Marc Pulvar, CARIFES Regional Secretary

Photo courtesy: IFES,  A. Young  /


The aim of IS/IVCF Cayman Islands is to conduct activities at the primary, high school, and tertiary level that will build students into communities of disciples, seeing them transformed by the gospel and impacting their schools, church, and society for the glory of Christ.


Our motto is "To Know Christ and To Make Him Known".

There are currently six secondary schools that are a part of the movement and one university. They are:

  -  John Gray High School

  -  Clifton Hunter High School

  -  Cayman Islands Further Education Centre (CIFEC)

  -  Triple C School

  -  Cayman Prep & High School

  -  Layman Scott High School in Cayman Brac

​  -  University College of the Cayman Islands


While the groups go by various names, each of them caters to the particulars of their school culture, and they are united by the core distinctives and doctrinal basis of IS/IVCF.


To find out more about each of our school movements or to learn how to get a group started in your school click here.
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