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Packing List

Students should bring a range of clothes for hot days and cool nights. All belongings (bags, towels, and all personal items) should be marked with your child’s name. For younger students, you may want to include a checklist of your child’s belongings to help them collect all belongings at the end of the retreat.


Please do not pack electronic devices, jewelry, mirrors, cosmetics, or other reading material. Cell phones, money, and the above items will be checked safe the first night and returned at the end of the retreat.


Recommended Packing List

  • Bible, pen, and journal/notebook

  • Pillow and bedding (either a sleeping bag OR a twin-sized sheet set)

  • Several changes of clothing (include clothes to play in, get dirty; casual clothes for campfire, main sessions, and a nice casual clothing for Sunday morning worship service)

  • Underclothes

  • Socks

  • Walking/tennis shoes (close-toed)

  • Sweatshirt, light jacket, or sweater

  • Pajamas

  • Raincoat or poncho

  • Beach towel (see above)

  • Flip flops / sandals for showers

  • Personal items & toiletries (soap, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.)

  • Comb / brush 

  • Bath Sponge/ washcloth 

Optional Items:

  • Water bottle

  • Alarm clock

  • Dirty clothes bag

  • Hat

  • Sunscreen and Insect Repellent (non-aerosol)

  • Flashlight/Headlamp

Note to Parents:

Any medication your child takes regularly must be in original containers, properly labeled with dosage and intervals. Medical Form signed by parent must be on file. This includes over-the-counter drugs as well.


What NOT to bring

  • Any foods or snacks with peanut or nut ingredients (for allergy safety)

  • Personal sports equipment (basketball, football, etc.)

  • Personal electronic devices (cell phones, ipods, mp3 player, etc.)

  • Watches or jewelry or irreplaceable items

  • ATM cards or money

  • Mirrors or Cosmetics

  • Other Reading Material (magazines, novels)

  • Knives, weapons, sharp objects, lighters, or matches

  • Alcohol or illegal drugs

  • You get the point!

Any such belongings will be collected by the retreat staff at the beginning of the retreat and locked away until the end of the retreat when they will be returned to the student.

Dress Code



  • Modesty will prevail in all matters

  • All sleeveless shirts must be three fingers width (no halter tops, off-the-shoulders, or spaghetti straps)

  • No crop tops

  • Shorts should reach mid-way on the thigh

  • No wearing PJs out of your dorm

  • No clothes that have writing on the hip-area; no clothing with provocative or alcohol printing



  • Must wear a tank top under any sleeveless t-shirt with expanded arm holes.

  • Shorts must be at least mid-way down the thigh.

  • No wearing PJs out of your dorm

  • No clothing with provocative or alcohol printing

  • Shirts must be worn at all times


#1 Tip: If you’re not sure about it, don’t bring it!


If you have specific questions about an item of clothing, feel free to contact us.

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