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Info for Students

Why should I attend this retreat?

First off, I realize that your life as a student is busy! You take part in sports, community service, church ministry and not to mention all those household chores you dread doing! On top of that you've got exams and projects coming up! And on top of that you've got friends to hang out with! So, where will you ever find the time for a retreat?!


Get this - you will never find the time if you're focusing on your long list of to-do's.  You've got to make time. Its a sacrifice! Even Jesus did it! Think about it: even the Lord Jesus himself made time for retreat. He made time for spiritual retreat a priority. This was one of the secrets to Jesus' ministry. So......will you make time out of your busy schedule to spend a weekend away with the Lord? What have you got to lose?


Remember this - these days you are living now are the best days to live our life for Christ! The sacrifice you make by attending retreat will be worth it in the end. You’ll grow more spiritually, make new friends, rest, refocus, be rejuvenated by the Holy Spirit - all while having fun! The list goes on!

We all need rest!

Going on retreat allows you to dedicate time to God and to let Him restore your soul, so that you can be better disciple of Christ. Retreats give you the same opportunity the first disciples had by imitating Jesus and reconnecting with God.


Make new friends!

Although you may not know everyone attending the retreat, you’ll get to know them quickly through sharing, small groups, going all in during worship, rooting on your team during team games, and dishing up your new best friends' dinner! The friendships you make during retreat are positive, Christ-centered and these are the friendships that will enrich your life.



While on retreat, although there is a planned schedule, we will live on God’s time. You’ll step out of your normal schedule and consecrate every moment to God - from morning to night. Instead of waking up first thing in the morning and scrambling for your phone, you'll be woken up by your dormmates and head out to the beach for morning devotions. You'll have time to sit down on the shoreline, listen to the waves crashing and meditate on how God’s word or this world changes you. When you’ve decided to remove yourself from all the things you just have to get done, and all the things that everyone needs you to do. You’ll slow down, stop, and listen to God more closely. The list of things you have to do will always be there. But, like Jesus, you’ve got to make your own personal decision to come away to be with the Father, so you can go back out to do more for Him.

Go all in!

While on retreat we’ll keep our hearts and minds open, looking and listening to the ways in which God might be trying to wreck us in order to build us back up new. Are there areas of your heart that God wants to change? There might be, but you've got to go all in! Go all in during prayer time. Go all in during worship. Go all in during lunch. Go all in during campfire. Go all in during small group. When's the last time you were undistracted and truly focused on God?

Ok...last thing.....

Bring a friend!

Don’t attend retreat alone! Retreats are even better when you go with someone you know and trust. So invite a friend! It could be your cousin, neighbour, church friend - just as long as it doesn't have four legs or responds to the name Bingo! 

Maybe you know someone struggling with their faith, or someone whose had a hard time. Invite em! Just as long as they know what they’re getting into!

Skip over to the schedule to see what you'll be doing!

Have a question?

If your question or concern is not addressed above, please call Moni, ISIVCF Staff Worker/Retreat Coordinator,  at 929-5111 or email your question to and we will be happy to answer your questions. Thanks!

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