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Make a donation

Your financial donation to the Cayman Islands national movement equips students to share and live out the good news of Jesus Christ in their communities, here in the Cayman Islands.


To make a local donation via cheque:

     Make cheques payable to IS/IVCF Cayman Islands

     Cheques may then be sent to the following address:

     IS/IVCF Cayman Islands



To make a local donation via bank transfer:

     Beneficiary: IS/IVCF Cayman Islands

     Beneficiary account number: KY 136 174 348 0017

     Beneficiary Bank: Butterfield Bank (Cayman) Limited

To donate by making a wire transfer:

     Beneficiary name: IS/IVCF Cayman Islands
     Beneficiary account number: KY 136 174 348 0017

     Beneficiary address:

     Instructions by currency (use table below)

To donate online via debit/credit card:

     1.  Visit the IFES Giving Page, by clicking the button below.

     2.  Select the National Movement tab.

     3.  Enter "Cayman Islands" in the search box.

     4.  Enter the amount you wish to donate.

IS_IVCF Logo.png
Butterfield Wire Transfer Details.png
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