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Joshua Mitchell

I am seventeen years old. I currently attend Triple C School. I am in 12th Grade (the final year of Triple C and the Graduating Class of 2021).


I am a part of Y.E.S. Club, which is an organization of youths that believe in Jesus and learn how to be true leaders of the Christian faith while spreading and teaching their faith to others. I also do Junior Band and Senior Band, playing and teaching others how to play the percussion Instruments, piano, and bass Guitar, especially in a Concert format. 

I serve as a member of the Youth Ministry Board at my church, The New Testament Church of God, in George Town. I also serve in the Music Ministry at my church as well, playing the piano and keyboard, bass guitar, and drums.


My belief is that Jesus is God and is also the son of God, being part of the Trinity, meaning three in one (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). 

Student Representative (Secondary)

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