ISIVCF Cayman's SVG Assistance

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Donations may be made for "SVG Assistance" to:

Interschool/Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

Account: KY 136 174 348 0017

Butterfield Bank (Cayman)

Kindly notify us at so that we can issue you a donation receipt.


A Blessed Good Day to all of out dear brothers and sisters.  We (ISCCF) wish to express our sincere thanks to everyone who has been reaching out to SVG during our period of crisis. Thanks for your messages, calls,  words of encouragements and prayers.  Please continue to lift us up in prayer.




"The National Board of the ISCCF in SVG held a meeting  to decide on our approach to the situation here, especially in relations to making contributions. Some members are presently volunteering in shelters and what it seems is that more attention is being given to the shelters and these will be receiving most of the supplies from individuals, groups and government.  

However, we have a large amount of evacuees who are staying in private homes with relatives or friends. In some cases there are 20 or more persons in one home. Food supplies and drinking water seem to be major problems with some of these homes as well as sleeping materials.  As a result, we have decided to focus our efforts in mainly helping these evacuees in private homes and we have already started to do so. We plan to purchase whatever are the necessities to distribute to as many as we can based on individual needs or needs of the specific homes.   

There are also persons who are not evacuees who are in in great needs also due to unemployment and other issues, especially small farmers who depend on the sales of crops and livestock which are badly affected. We want to reach out to those also.

The board members who work in shelters have been taking the opportunity to minister to the evacuees there and we plan to reach out to other shelters also. We are desirous to present packages to these shelters whenever members go to minister, especially to the children. 

 As a result, we are asking persons who wish to help through ISCCF to probably make cash donations so that we can purchase exactly what is needed based on the needs of individual households or individuals. We are trying to prevent the situation where persons sometime end up with a lot of contributions but not the things that are really needed. 

If possible, persons can send Bibles and sleeping materials – cots, mattresses, sheets, bottle water, etc.

If you are desirous of making a cash contribution, this can be done through direct money transfer to our ISCCF Bank Account by using the following information.